Fall Favorite Weekend Shirt

Not sure when I first used this fabric.  Must have been Xmas of 2012, as no photo record exists, and I was super busy keeping up with demand in my little shop.  So not everything got archived and displayed online.

Anyhoo, super warm and comfortable, and check out the diagonally striped pocket.  I am guessing this is Acrylic (cause the jobber did not know, and it did not pass the burn test), thus very comfy and wearable for those who cant take the scratchiness of wool, but want something as thick and of a similar drape.

In XS - XXL for a very small $140. Only at WalkershawMam

the publication liked this one the best

the publication liked this one the best

A possible ad for a magazine

A possible ad for a magazine

Wool 50’s Style Weekend Shirt

While I have an excellent color sense, and requisite taste, as in all my talents, I lack the rudimentary knowledge to speak or write on them intelligently.  So my friends, I could not name the color of this wonderful wool fabric. And worse still, my iPhone, even when matched with Photoshop, cant quite capture the actual color.

Perhaps it’s oatmeal, some lite mustard, or even…shudder…beige. Whatever the name, there shirts are soft, warm, and eminently wearable.  The contrast of facing, under collar, and sleeve placket is made of a very sturdy grey and white cotton blend (81% cotton, 19% nylon). And check out those buttons. Very specky.

In XS through XXL, for a very sane $150. Only from WalkershawMan

Grey Wool Knit 40’s Style Shirt

No photo I can take with my iPhone will do justice to this fabric.  The texture, from both a visual, and a tactile sense is outstanding. These sorts of subtleties  are not yet transmittable via the WWW. So my limited descriptive skills will have to suffice.  Did I mention how soft this wool blend is to the touch. Oh so very soft. 

Please note the continuation of the Flap Pocket revival, and of course, the silk dupione inner yoke, under collar, and sleeve plackets.  All in all a superb garment that any paramount pictures film star would have loved to own back in the day.

As always, only at WalkershawMan in XS through XXL for a very reasonable $175.

40’s style wool mens shirt

If you could reach into your computer’s screen and actually touch this light weight wool (with a touch of cotton blended in), you would be positively swooning while you reached into your back pocket for your credit card.

Between the creamy silk dupione inner yoke and sleeve placket accents, and the rust red lines on sky blue fabric, this is a stand out, perhaps surpassing the sportsman shirts that inspired this creation.

And…the flap pocket is back, especially as it gave me the chance to use a double biased offset effect.  But then, I am biased towards my designs.

In XS -XXL for  $175, only from WalkershawMan

Purple Paisley.
Need I say more?

Purple Paisley.

Need I say more?

Super soft smooth cotton circles with squares.

This cotton came from a jobber in Toronto.  I actually have a few more bolts of similar quality from them, but I am saving it for the holiday season.  It was obvious that classic long sleeves were the best option for such a luxurious but elemental fabric.

It also reminds me of a shirt Connie bought me for our anniversary one year in Amsterdam.  I wore the hell out of that shirt, till it died the death of a thousand washings.  Perhaps some Dutch gal will buy her Dutch chap a shirt on their anniversary trip to San Francisco, and set the cycle to spinning all over again.

In XS to XL only at WalkershawMan for $159

Collarless but not clueless

This supper fine weaved 100% cotton was milled in India, and has that hint of South Asia.  To accentuate it, I cut these shirts collarless for a very dressy, yet un-formal (rather than informal) look.

In XS through XL for only $110. And as always, only from WalkershawMan.

The Blue and Black Check Weekend

I have to admit it.  I had a moment of unease  when I picked these shirts up from the ladies who sew up my stuff.  On the hanger, it was just so 80’s new wave.  I feared I had an esthetic misstep.

The fabric is such a great quality linen, with the strong blue set off nicely by the black to making the check pattern distinctive.  The black linen cuffs collar and facing was a last minute inspiration, in hopes that it would pop.

Well POP it does. And when Brian  (who loves my clothes) found these shirts, which were still hidden at the back of a rack waiting to be priced and tagged, and put one on.  Well…the picture says it all.  He looked great, and had to have it, which he now does, and I was overjoyed at how well these weekend shirts came out.

In Small through XXL for a very reachable $140, only from WalkershawMan.