The Wally Cleaver summer shirt.

I have often joked that so much of what I see in the preppy street wear looks positively ‘leave it to beaver”.  Now I was not being kind in this statement.   It all seemed a bit too dull and childish, as if your depression era raised mom had chosen your clothes at the local Woolworth.  Why would you settle for ick and ugh, when there were some many more flamboyant options to borrow from, rooted in the same historical fashion periods.

But ….. then I came upon this interesting geometrically partitioned plaid in olive and blue.  Something about this pallet/pattern match, when fashioned into a short sleeve classic, raises above the mundane esthetic  of Beaver Cleaver, and reaches to the Wally Cleaver level of existence.  Wally, like any sharp 50’s boy, sought to be Ricky Nelson of his suburban street, and Ricky Nelson was a teenage god. Which, after all, is the myth which runs so much of our current culture.

Recapture your own teenage godhood. 

In Small, Medium, and Large for $108.